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Manalis Winery

The winery opened in July 2008 and operates to this day from 6pm until late at night during the summer season.

At the entrance there is a self-service bar where one can make tasting of our wines and then choose what you want to order and to enjoy the terraces with breathtaking views.

There are four wine labels:

  • The Manalis leuko: Assyrtiko, Aidani and Monemvasia.
  • The Manalis Rose: Aidani and Mavrotragano.
  • The Manalis thermo: Mavrotragano, Mantilaria and Fokiano.
  • The Manalis Liosato: Sweet local wine.

After sunset is a daily tour of the cellar of the winery and presentation of photographic material the entire production process.

Manalis Winery Sikinos
Manalis Winery
Manalis Winery Harvest
Winery inside
Manalis Winery View
Manalis Winery Sunset
Winery sunset wines
Manalis winery wines
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