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Manalis Winery

Our traditional cozy winery is located on the northwest side of Sikinos, in the picturesque Cyclades. It is perched at 400 meters above sea level and is cultivated on terraces. The landscape is carved out of stone and sea while our estate is situated on a wild, rough, but fertile vineyard land, which since the ancient times produces wine.

We have revived this vineyard with arid Cycladic varieties, which we cultivate with passion in the rugged microclimate of the Aegean sea, cooled by the night pound, to give us unique wines with an area yield of 500-600 kg per acre.

Manalis Winery currently produces four wine labels:

  • The SIKOINOS White: Assyrtiko, Aidani, and Monemvasia.
  • The SIKOINOS Rose: Aidani and Mavrotragano.
  • The SIKOINOS Red: Mavrotragano and  Mantilaria.
  • The Liosato: Sweet local wine.

The winery operates since July 2018, it is 100% environmentally friendly and uses renewable energy sources. It’s open daily, from the 1st of June to the end of September. Our opening hours are from 6am to late in the evening. During the months of May and October we accept guests upon previous request (tel: +30 6932 272 854 & +30 6932 272 857).

At the entrance of the winery, there is a self-service bar taster where one can taste our wine collection and select his order and then enjoy it in one of our terraces with a breathtaking view, overlooking the Aegean islands.

During the Summer months, after the sunset, a tour in our wine cellar takes place with a presentation of photographic material from the whole production process and a discussion with the visitors about our wines.

The winery is located 2 km from the settlement of the country and 6 km from the port. There are afternoon local bus services and a private van owned by the winery that can accommodate 16-persons upon previous request.

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